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Friendship is a kind of emotion from two-way relationship, that is, the emotions condensed by both sides must be maintained together. Friendship is the source of happiness. Sociologists point out that people of different income and social status have their own happiness, largely because of the existence of friendship factors. When you are in our website, it is easy to make friendship bracelets step by step. Choose the style from debossed, embossed, colorfilled, printed, embossed , dual layer, figured and full color. Choose the size from 202mm for adult, 180mm for youth and 150mm for toddler. Width from 6mm, 12mm, 19mm and 25mm. Choose the color for bracelet and logo and enter the logo and message on bracelet. You can put names, slogan or logo on the bracelets.  

e been planning to use these bands for promoting your product, service or an upcoming event, these accessories can be useful in various ways for advertising purposes. These are very cheap to buy Other than promotional reasons, silicone rubber wristbands are also used by many charitable organizations. This is due to the significantly lower price tag that they come with. These can be produced in large numbers without spending a lot of money. Due to this reason, companies and businesses like to use them for marketing purposes. These days, every business is trying to save costs on advertising and these bands can be very useful in saving marketing expenses without comprising on the effectiveness of promotional benefits. They can be used by anyone One of the major benefits for silicone rubber wristbands in promotional purposes is the fact that they can be used by virtually anyone. Age is no bar for its use, as it can be used by kids, teens, grown-ups as well as elderly people. Therewristband maker online is no social prohibition associated with such bands, and they do not come with any health risks. Any person can sport these on his or her wrist. They can last for a long time Unlike advertising banners, such types of marketing mediums can last for a long time to come. There are instances where bands used for the promotion of a specific product or service has been found to help the brand it came from and make people curious about its future offerings. However, custom bands that are screen-printed are found to wear out with the passage of time. These come with a sense of goodwill Another reason why these are ideal for marketing reasons is the fact that they come with a sense of goodwill. For nearly a decade, these have been used for charitable and various other causes. So you get a good advertising medium in the silicone rubber wristbands that is already accepted, and loved by the public. You do not have the responsibility to break new ground, and can get a perfect medium that can be useful for your advertising purposes. These can easily be customized If you are planning to create bands for a specific group of people, you can easily customize them as per their specifications. For instance, if you would like your employees to wear them, you can customize bands according to their choice of color, design, shape and size. You will easily be able to imprint your own business messages, advertising messages, company logo and other things. There is always the scope to get them in a wide range of colors. Having your company employees sport them at social gatherings can deliver a powerful message without a lot of expenses on your part.             cheap-rubber-bracelets-personalized-no-minimum

licone bracelet. There arewristband maker online 8 steps to make a rubber bracelet. 1st Design the artwork. An artwork includes the information of order number, size, logo style, order quantity and other options like glowing and individual pack. The most importantly it shows what the bracelet looks like with your message or logo. It is direct way to check if wording, colors of bracelet and logo are correct. We are willing to make several mock-ups for your reference. The software for designing is CDR, so eps. or ai. file is appreciated for your logo. And there are variety of fonts for your choice. If the artwork get confirmed, we will proceed with it.   2nd Make the mould or film. A mould is needed for debossed, embossed, colorfilled styles. We make a mould and set it in the machine, the high temperature of about 200℃ will solidify rubber into the sharp of bracelet. A mould is made from copper. A film is functioned like a mould but it is for printed wristband only. It transfer the ink to the surface of bracelet as logo and wording. 3rd  Prepare the rubber material. A rubber bracelet is mainly made from silicone rubber, and some other accessories like curing agent which solidify the soft rubber, and Color masterbatch which makes bracelet colored. We will mix these material evenly in a blender. It comes out a ball of rubber. We need to measure it into blocks of almost same weight which as much as the weight of a wristband. Normal size of 202*12mm bracelet is weighted about 6g. 4th  Produce bracelets by the mould. As we mentioned before in 2nd and 3rd step, we will transfer  the blocks to bracelets by a set of moulding machine of high temperature. When it cool down, it gets the characteristic of a bracelet, smooth and strengthened. 5th Edge cutting. A semi-product of rubber bracelet has rough edges, we have to cut it off. The rough edge is cut by machine. It will be good. 6th Color the logo and wording The bracelet comes out from moulding machine without colors on the logo and lettering. We have to fill the ink or print the ink on the bracelet. Different style has different way of printing. 7th Clean the product As the bracelet has static electricity, dust will be on the surface and hard to move off. So we need to clean the bracelet before packing. We usually wash it with water once. After washing, we will check the quality. 8th Packing and delivery We count the quantity by weighting. Normally packing will be 100pcs/bag, and 2500pcs/ctn.  Individual packing is available. It is good to go now.    custom-baseball-wristbandshow-many-wristbands-in-forza-horizon

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